lunes, 11 de junio de 2012

Look N* 22


Well today came to my mind the word "Africa" and i started to look around a style to express my idea and this is what i found. I hope you like it as i do, i really like this color skin and in my opinion is what makes the outfit looking striking. 

See details below

SKIN: Isha Natural cocoa at al vulo!
HAIR: XVA651 Brown at booN
EYES: Shadow Cat Mesh Eyes at Ephemeral Neko*free*
PIERCING:  Kimbra at ellabella
ACCESSORIES: Medea Ancient at Dark Moon
NAILS: Sinister Nature  at UtopiaH 
SHIRT: Tee-Shirt (Brown) at Falconvale Designs *1L*
SKIRT: Boho at Gspot

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