viernes, 8 de junio de 2012

Look N* 19


Hello girl, this is another outfit from Delirium Style. It's a new outfit and you can find it at new arrivals department, it doesn't come with shoes, just pants and top, this is a mesh outfit. I hope you like it! More details about what i am wearing on the pic at the end of it.

Taxi to the store

HAIR: Mile High Pony at ploom 
CAP: Bone cap at  Nerdmonkey (1L)
MAKEUP: Queen of D. BlackRed Pack at DAMNED
PIERCING: Heart face Piercings at D-Style
TATTOO: To the ends of the Earth at BlackFeetTattoos
SNEAKERS: Wedge Sneakers/Hella/Blue Red & White (mesh) at Serena Monte Carlo (promotion) only 99l

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