miércoles, 18 de julio de 2012

Look N* 66


New new all new for you girl!!! this new dress is from SS store, new skin from WoW store and new shoes from Blackburn!!!! you can't complain! no no sooooo let's go shopping!!


SKIN: Anais Tan at WoW Skins *NEW*
HAIR: Freya ponytail / SoftCaramel from LaViere at Hair Fair / Sand
NECKLACE: Moon pearls at alba fashion*1L*
BRACELET: Creations Bracelet at G&T *1L*
NAILS: Milky way Nails at MANDALA
OUTFIT: Silver sequin baggy one piece mini dress at SS*NEW*
SHOES: Neko Heel Lita with Tail at Blackburn *49L* *NEW*


SKIN: Anais Milk at WoW Skins*NEW*
HAIR: Aria / Black from KMADD at  Hair Fair / Sand
NECKLACE: Amethyst from Allure Mirror at Rock'n Rose *1L*
EARRINGS: Shoya earrings at A:S:S *FREE*
BRACELETS: 37 bracelet at Edge grafica *FREE*
NAILS: Colour Tactics Series/Reds (mesh) at Synthetique
OUTFIT: Red lil sequin baggy one piece mini dress at SS*NEW*
SHOES: Steampunk Lola Lace-Up Wood Heel Boots at Blackburn *NEW*

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