jueves, 26 de julio de 2012

Look N* 80


Yes role play and gothic!! this is what Vaxer store has for us and this week are in promo!! Yes Promo!! just for this week, you can find it on the 99l promos!! come onnn!! this is not all the time so let's run to this store and let's buy some new clothes


Role play Area

SKIN: Candy - Tan - Tropics at Filthy
HAIR: Hawk2 - Ash at Wasabi
HEAD ACCESSORY: Native Indian American - Night Wolf at The Plank *15L*
MAKEUP: Face paint - Summer at Katatonic *10L*
TATTOO: Native American Tattoo at Hsk Ink
OUTFIT: Sexy Panther Ropes at Vaxer *99L PROMO*
FEET: Flat Bare feet (mesh) at Skifija

SKIN: July-gg-F - Tan at Filthy
HAIR: Monique - Ash at Wasabi Pills
MAKEUP: I want to be Beth Ditto #4 at BOOM
OUTFIT: Maviry Blue (3 different ways to use it) at Vaxer *99L PROMO*

Gothic Area

SKIN: Anais Milk at WoW Skins
HAIR: Eva - Espresso at CaTwA
MAKEUP:  Bloody Tears III at Repulse *FREE*
OUTFIT: Walma (comes with shoes & accessories) at Vaxer *99L PROMO*

SKIN: - Julia - Dating on the dark at Alvulo *Gift*
HAIR: Cherilyn - Ash at Wasabi Pills
PUPPET: Twisted Valentine Love Doll at Kucinta
OUTFIT: Yuza at Vaxer

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