miércoles, 4 de julio de 2012

Look N* 55


Sometimes we dress depending of our mood, and sometimes we are like we hate what we have around us, well i made this look a little evil and dark so i hope you like it and you can feel identified wit it at some point in your second life. Enjoy it!

HAIR:  Grappa Pieva - Cherry Red at LoQ
MAKEUP: 9 Make Up Options at Noya
PIERCING: Symphony Piercing - Razor at HoD
EAR PLUGS: Plugs w/ Color Change Script at [aberrant]
HORNS: Becoming Evil Horns at Indigo
NAILS: Nailpolish - Candy apple at alaskametro<3
FINGERTAPES: Heartgram at Furious
TATTOO: To the ends of the Earth at BlackFeet
OUTFIT: Domino at Envious

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