sábado, 21 de julio de 2012

Look N* 72


We loveee when summer comes because it means vacations!!!! yeah!. FireBird Designs has this sexy outfit for us and we can use it with two differen styles and we can't forget a sexy skin to match this beautiful outfit so WoW skin has this New skin that you will find at Vanity & Vintage fair that will open from 4th to 29th August, this is just an appetizer to let you know what you can find there, but don't worry i will post more about it to let you know girls!...Soo Let's go to the taxi rank to visit FireBird store until the Vanity & Vintage Fair open to have this skin too.

SKIN: Nadia Deeptan 02 from WoW Skin at Vanity&Vintage Fair (will be posted the location as soon as the fair opens)
HAIR: Mare (chocolate) from Mons at Hair Fair / Sand 
OUTFIT: Sheer summer outfit black at FBD *NEW*
SUNGLASSES: Oversized Sunglasses (mesh) at Izzie's
EARRINGS: Retro Earrings/Chocolate at M2M *1L*

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