lunes, 13 de agosto de 2012

Look N* 108


Yayyyy!! more clothes for you!!! This outfit is from Knockout! store called Diane that comes with jacket, necklace and also with piercing included!! and is not expensive at all!! it's a nice and cute and looks really beautiful..but don't forget to match this outfit with a good quality skin and hair of course!! no wayyy, and this skin is for WoW Skins and the hair is from Tameless store...Check the land to Knockout! and the picture info to get the land for this pretty skin and hair. Enjoy it!

SKIN: Lindsay at WoW Skins
HAIR: Alexia - Browns at Tameless *NEW*
MAKEUP: Princess Makeup at UtopiaH
OUTFIT: Diane at Knockout!*99L*

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