miércoles, 29 de agosto de 2012

Look N* 129


Yeahhh more news for you for today and FireBird stores is selling this NEW shirt with Art famous faces like, mona lisa, venus god etc and they look soo good that you definitely need to get one of them and to complete this looks we have this  original hairstyle from Yassine store that makes the perfect look for you and with this cute shape from Stunning shapes we will look gorgeous with style, cute and sexy what else can you ask? !! come on we are in shopping time!!

SHAPE: Nina at Stunning Shapes *NEW*
HAIR: Glow hair pink - Blonde at Yassine *NEW*
HAT: Straw Fedora - only cap at Argrace
MAKEUP: War Stripes at BND
TONGUE: Ultimate Tongue at Tartessos Arts
SHIRT: Vermeer Off shoulder shirt at FireBird *NEW*

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