sábado, 8 de septiembre de 2012

Look N* 143


Hello ladies!! I know, i know I had not written but I had to take my time to make new looks with the new clothes, skins, shapes, hair, shoes and accessories for you!! Yes i have a lot of new outfits for you! Let's start with this store called Superbia that has these new shapes for female and male but that's not all!!! also has this new nails and piercings, these piercings are unisex so you and your boyfriend can use it, I am pretty sure you will love this store as i do!! Then we have these outftits from [>CaKe!!<]] store one for you my lovely girls and another one for our boy and the best is that these outfit are a gift for you!!! What else can you ask? this is perfect for you to start today looking hottt with your boy too!! Check the info to get the land to these stores!

SKIN: Matilde at Al Vulo!
SHAPE: IzCra at Superbia *NEW*
HAIR: FNQ123 - Chocolate at BooN
PIERCING: PierCinGs *SeT 8* at Superbia *NEW*
MAKEUP: Whistle Lips Hole & Eyelashes 3 Pack at Pink Acid
NAILS: NaiLs *BanDs* FaT PaCk (bag) at Superbia *NEW*
CHEST TATTOO: Protected Cross Unisex at Pink Acid
LEG TATTOO: Adahlia at Glue Ink
OUTFIT: Group Gift Womens September at [[>CaKe!<]] *NEW*
ARM TATTOO: Maori at BlackFeet *FREE*

SHAPE: BrEnT at Superbia *NEW*
HAIR: Entente- Odilon Fedora & Hair at Entente
EAR PLUGS: PLuGs - *HoLe* FaT PaCk (bag) at Superbia *NEW*
PIERCING: SuPerBia - PierCinGs *SeT 9* M&F (bag) at Superbia *NEW*
OUTFIT: Group Gift Mens September at [[>CaKe!<]] *NEW*

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