miércoles, 12 de septiembre de 2012

Look N* 147


Good morning ladies!! Time to look fresh and sexy at the same time yep! and we can look like that with this new outfit from ArisAris and Armony, this outfit is called "See Me" that included these sexy pants, you want to keep the attention? you want to be unique? well this is the perfect outfit for you! as well as these accessories from Superbia that has this new Plugs to get this unique style and their pretty nails, this nails are perfect because you can change their color without problems and match any kind of outfit with them! and for a sexy body to complete it you can't forget to visit Stunning shapes that has brand-new shapes and i have to say all of them are really beautiful and sexy.... Cheeck the info about it this look that i made for you today to get the land to these stores! Enjoy it!!

SHAPE: Chen at Stunning Shapes *NEW*
HAIR: Believe Again - Crystal at Exile *NEW*
MAKEUP: Spray / Pack5 at Damned
PIERCING: PierCinGs *SeT 9* M&F (bag) at Superbia *NEW*
PLUGS: PLuGs - *PLasTiC* FaT PaCk  (bag) at Superbia *NEW*
TEETH: Smiley Piercing - Captive Bead at Luck Inc
NAILS: NaiLs *BanDs* FaT PaCk (bag) at Superbia *NEW*
OUTFIT: See Mee at ArisAris and Armony *NEW*

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