martes, 18 de septiembre de 2012

Look N* 152


Hello girls and good morning! I have good news for you, Kapone store is back!!! Yes this store is back with their amazing clothes with this new outfit and it comes in Pink-White, Pink-Buterfly, Pink, Black, Brown, Green, Green-Black and Red. You want this new outfit? you want to see how beautiful are their models? then take the taxi to this store and go for it!!


HAIR: NYN116 at booN *NEW*
MAKEUP:  Basta Mix Fiyah at Zibska
PIERCING: Symphony Piercing at HoD (New Location)
GLASSES: Marley at CheerNo
EARRINGS I: Green Earrings at Persefona *FREE*
EARRINGS II: Braid Red Earrings at Persefona
TATTOO: Ink That Meat Tattoo at Villena
NAILS: NaiLs *BanDs* FaT PaCk (bag) at Superbia *NEW*
BRACELETS: Nature Silver Bangle at Persefona *FREE*
PURSE:  Satchel bag/ SummerBugs at SHINE
OUTFIT: Sarouel Dress red at Kapone*NEW*
SANDALS: Summer Crocodile Sandal(rainbow) at +9 *FREE*

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