jueves, 20 de septiembre de 2012

Look N* 155


Ufff!!! Ok girls my apologies because I hadn't posted it but i was busy in rl sorry! But I am here and today i have a special post for you with news as you like it.

WoW Skins has this new skins for all their members group as a gift! This skin looks really, really beautiful always thinking about you to look a perfect skin, so you need to go for it.

Cake Store released this amazing top called "Poncho" you can take a look to the pictures and see their different colors, this poncho looks great!! so this is your next step for today you can't miss this new top from this store that was made especially for you.

DADAbeiz has more gorgeous shoes for you with these new pair of heels to look stunning and sexy that comes in different colors to match our clothes and look gorgeous, you need a good quality heels? then this store is the perfect for you to get one.

Well girls today you have to get your card and tell your boy "Bye my love today is my shopping time"

SKIN: Tanita at WoW Skins *NEW Group Gift*
HAIR: Skai at Truth *NEW*
LIPS: Sunshine Blush + Lipstick 12 Pack at Pink Acid
EARRINGS: Sunflower at Persefona
GLASSES: Nerd Color Glasses at SHADRIK 
BRACELETS: Yellow-Black Bracelets at ZebrAyla
NAILS: *BanDs* FaT PaCk at Superbia *NEW*
TOP: Poncho Black at [[>CaKe!<]] *NEW*
JEAN: Skinny Jeans Faded Cuffed at [[>CaKe!<]] *NEW*
SHOES: Laq Pumps Yellow & Pink at DADAbeiz *NEW*

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