sábado, 29 de septiembre de 2012

Look N* 161


Omg Tichiky store has released this new top for girls and always with their amazing models!! This top come in different styles and we can use it as a dress or also to match it with some leggings or pants etc!!

Superbia store as always with their amazing accessories released a lot of new for us!! This store has this new makeup, piercing, collar & Bracelets!! Perfect!! I know u will love them, and as you can see they looks great as always!

Finally but no less important i have to tell you about this Tatto paradise store that has wonderful tattos for girls and boys and this is one of them!! I hope you like as i do!!

Take a look to these amazing stores that always has new wonderful items for us to look beautiful and with style

SHAPE: Dolly at Bad Girls shape *NEW*
SKIN: Matilde at Al Vulo!
HAIR: Nelly at Burley
MAKEUP: TaTs - LiNeS EyE FaCe TaTToo at Superbia *NEW*
PIERCING: PierCinGs *SeT 11* M&F at Superbia *NEW*
PLUGS: PLuGs *HoLe ZeBra* FaT PaCk at Superbia *NEW*
COLLAR & BRACELETS: *SeT 2* CoLLaR & CuFFs - SiLVeR FeMaLe at Superbia *NEW*
TATTOO: Marked For Life at Tatto Paradise *NEW*
TOP: Tanksy i love my bf at Tchiky *NEW*

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