jueves, 24 de enero de 2013

Free time


Hello girls i just wanted to let you know that since today i will take a break out of sl. I'm not saying i will close my blog, no way!! I will just take some vacations and well as all you know we all have rl so I need to go rl!! I invite you to subscribe to my blog by E-mail so as soon as i back from rl you will get a noticed with my post so you can know when I start to post again. Thanks for support my blog and as i said before I won't close my blog I will be just a few days out of sl to take a break which means that Foxy also won't be able to post boys clothes. I hope you to have you back supporting my blog again when I get back as I really appreciate your support!

Thank you 

See you soon 

With love

Foxy & Beba

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