miércoles, 30 de enero de 2013



Well yes i know few days ago I said that I wouldn't post for a Month but well as I already prepare everything for my rl trip and I got some free rl time I couldn't resist to log in sl and see all the news the designers send :Q___ ... So well i wanted to make the latest post for you with my new Tattoos and of course below this post the latest new from the others amazing stores... So well now yess i will say "See you in a Month girls" Enjoy all these new post... Hugs and kiss

Mesh Boho Unisex Tattoo at Suicide Gurls

Mesh Pretty Woman Arm tattoo at Suicide Gurls

Dominant Belly Tattoo at Suicide Gurls

Alice Arm tattoo at Suicide Gurls

Underworld Arm & Leg Tattoo at Suicide Gurls

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