viernes, 16 de agosto de 2013

Look N* 482


SKIN: Valentina DarkTan from WoW Skins at The Black Fair *NEW*
HAIR: Setsuna at Taketomi
EYESHADOW: Fairy Magic Eyeshadow at Pink Acid
LIPS: Basic Lip Shine Lip Gloss at Pink Acid
PIERCING: Disarray Piercing at Cute Poison *NEW* August Gift*
EARRINGS: Vegas - Pink from [7891.] at The Soho Market *NEW*
NECKLACE: Vegas Necklace - Pink from [7891.] at The Soho Market *NEW*
UPPER TATTOO: Doomed at Suicide Gurls
LEG TATTOO: Fortune at Suicide Gurls
BRACELETS: Lucky Star Bracelet - Pink at Cute Poison *NEW*
NAILS: PierCinGs 2<>PoLiSheD v2< from Superbia at The Thrift Shop *NEW*
TOP: Erotique at Suicide Gurls
PANTIE: Kacey Frills Panties [V3] at R3volt *NEW*
HEELS: Sierra Heels [V2] from R3volt at The Black Fair *NEW*

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