domingo, 3 de noviembre de 2013



Well girls is time for me to take a break from Second Life :) I will be out of SL for a Month or maybe a little more. My store will continue open In world and also in Marketplace. With this I'm not saying that I wont continue blogging again, I will come back but first I need a little break to do my rl stuff and enjoy my rl with my bf too. Before this I will let you some news from my store. I hope you like it and thank you, thank you soooo much for support my blog and my store. Subscribe yourself in my blog if you want, so as soon as I come back you will get my news post.

See you Soon 

 New Donna Outfit Only at The Rockabilly Fair

          New Danny Sweater Only at The Rockabilly Fair

    NEW Sejuani November Group Gift at Suicide Gurls

NEW Jinx Dress at Suicide Gurls

NEW Cassiopeia Dress at Suicide Gurls

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