sábado, 28 de junio de 2014

Look N* 619


SKIN: Ines Milk from WowSkins at The Naughty Nitch Fashion Fair *NEW* July 1st
HAIR: Dandy - Ombres from [Runaway] at Manga Fair *NEW * July 1st
EARS: Neko Cosplay - Calico at tsg 
LIPSTICK: Angel Lipstick - Pink Ombre at tsg
COLLAR: Lovely Floral Collar - Rekindled at tsg
NECKLACE: Writer's Pouch at Amh
WINGS: I'm Your Angel Crystal Wings - Blue at C.C.M.
KITTY HANDS: Neko Cosplay - Calico at tsg 
WAND: Princess Wands - Cyan/Pink duo at .:Buttery Toast:.
TATTOO: Shyama at Suicide Gurls
BODYSUIT: Dark Moon Bodysuit from MoDANNA at MoDANNA *NEW* *new land*
STOCKING: Gradient Socks - Blue at 
.:Buttery Toast:.
ROLLERS: Candie Rollers Pink&Blue Rare from Suicide Gurls at The Naughty Nitch Fashion Fair *NEW*

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