lunes, 8 de septiembre de 2014

Look N* 654


SKIN: Victoria Milk from WoWskins at Kings & Queens Fair *NEW*
HAIR: DPY537 at BooN
EYES: Ethereal Eyes - Aquatic & Descent Eyes - Ghost at .random.Matter.
HEAD ACCESSORY: Ara'nel from .Keystone. at Kings & Queens Fair *NEW*
EARS: Taper Ears at Mandala
EAR WINGS: Wings of Valkyrie at :(SH): *NEW*
EYE CORNER PIERCING: Franken Dermals from .random.Matter. at Totally Top Shelf  *NEW* September 10th
NOSE PIERCING: Taint Septums from .random.Matter. at Totally Top Shelf  *NEW* September 10th
TEETH: Nicolette Teeth at Random.Matter
COLLAR: Ohmy Tentacle Necklace - Onyx at The Ugly & Beautiful Designs*NEW*
BRACELETS: Baratheon Bracers from .random.Matter. at We <3 Rp *NEW*
TATTOO: Galaxy Unisex Tatto at Suicide Gurls *NEW*
JACKET: Padded Faux Leather Jacket (Beige) from !(HR 3.0) at Swag Fest *NEW*
SHORTS: High Waists / Black from Arise at Swag Fest *NEW*
BOOTS: J's Studded Long boots at J's

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