miércoles, 17 de septiembre de 2014

Look N* 672


SKIN: Lexie Bronze from WoWSkins at The Thrift Shop 6.0 *NEW*
HAIR: ARK554 at booN
TEETHNicolette Teeth at Random.Matter
EARRINGS: Olyvia Earrings + Collar from Random.Matter at No21 *NEW* September 21th*
PIERCING:  Calla Septum / White from Arise at Jewelry Fair *NEW*
COLLAR: Olyvia Necklace + Earrings from Random.Matter at No21 *NEW* September 21th*
NECKLACE: Lion's Eye Necklace - Negro from [7891.] at The Showroom *NEW*
TATTOO: Pretty Woman at Suicide Gurls
BRACELET: Lion's Eye Bracelet - Negro from [7891.] at The Showroom *NEW*
GLOVESTutu Gloves from Luckie at Young Spirit Event *NEW*
BELTBbullets Mono at Death Row Designs
TOP: Zipp Top from Arise at Young Spirit Event *NEW*
JEANS: Jeggie Jeans [Grunge Black] from Luckie at Young Spirit Event *NEW*

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