sábado, 15 de noviembre de 2014

Look N* 698


SKIN.Rayne Skin - Porcelain - Natural at .random.Matter.
HAIROlinda at Truth 
HATGothic Spider Hat at A&Y Bunker *NEW*
EARSElf Ears at Mandala
MAKEUPDark Smile Tattoo at Corvus *NEW*
NECKLACEAdventurer's Talisman - The Lady - Rare from [LJ] at Fantasy Gacha Carnival  *NEW*
WINGSFlutter Fancy at :Buttery Toast:.  *NEW*
PETBattleSquirrel: Dark Assassin Rare from SWaGGa at Fantasy Gacha Carnival  *NEW*
BRACELETPycell from .random.Matter. at No21 *NEW*
OUTFITAutumn - Dark at Death Row *NEW*

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